Appledore and Barnstaple Fireworks

Every year the tradition of fireworks on bonfire night gets earlier and earlier and it now feels that we have them all year around. It was a one-night event only when we were growing up, with jacket potatoes, hot dogs and hot chocolate and a few dodgy Catherine wheels nailed to a post at the bottom of the garden! Add to that a plethora of sparklers being spun around, trying to avoid setting anyone alight while wrapped up in hats, gloves and scarves as it was -10 degrees it was a lot of fun with some great memories. I still love fireworks and have been to two displays already this year! So, this is just a short post to share a few images before the usual onslaught of firework photographs do the rounds on social media! Enjoy.

The first few were from the Appledore Pirates display in October.
appledore-pirates-1 appledore-pirates-3 appledore-pirates-4appledore-pirates-2

And these are from the Barnstaple Carnival back in September. 🙂

barnstaple-fireworks-a barnstaple-fireworks-b barnstaple-fireworksbarnstaple-fireworks-c