A New Adventure Begins

For the first time in 16 years, 2016 started very differently for me. Not only have I moved from my familiar full time NHS job to a new location, environment, team and focus, but I am also able to enjoy doing that 4 days a week. This now allows me to focus a day a week on my photography. I feel very fortunate and privileged that I am able to pursue something that I love with more time and today is the first day of what I hope to be an exciting and fulfilling year.

There is a lot to think about and explore but this will be an exciting part of the challenge ahead. Firstly, to start the new year, I have put together a new logo (above) which highlights the direction I wish to take over the forthcoming twelve months. We live in such a beautiful part of the country that I want to explore and experience it in much more detail and learn more about what we have on the doorstep. This will be my new identity which you will see appear over my media and on my images over the forthcoming months. I hope you like it.
Peace Lily Twist

In addition to the photography, I am hoping to also use my images and explore my creativity in varying design work. There is so much that can be achieved in using the images we take, not only to capture a specific moment or memory in time, but also to use it to explore other moods and atmospheres and creating alternative visual works of art. I started the year as I hope to continue in developing some varying artwork. My first creation of 2016 came out of something quite unexpected on the one day of sunshine we had between Christmas and New Year. I had decided to go to WWT Slimbridge with my family to photograph the plethora of wild birds and, during the day, I spotted this Rook sat quietly amongst the branches. On review it was nothing spectacular in its own right, however, with a bit of work in Photoshop and incorporating a textured background and additional image of the full moon, also taken over Christmas, I was able to create something quite visually different which I feel is much more appealing. Only trouble is I now want to trawl through the back catalogue to see what else I have.

This is the original in camera shot:Out of CameraThis is the resulting artwork:The CallSo, an exciting year ahead – and I hope you will join me in seeing what 2016 brings. To finish, here are just a few of the other characters we met at Slimbridge! I guess one of the big attractions at Slimbridge are the swans. Alongside the migratory Bewick Swans there are the Mute swans identified by their orange beaks. The low golden light of this particular day was the ideal backdrop to the obvious courtship taking place. 🙂

untitled-140untitled-25 untitled-28 untitled-75-2Alongside the swans, we downsize a little to the black-headed gulls, who were fun little characters to watch. The most active on the day they were constantly dipping in and out of the water and grooming.untitled-10 untitled-80untitled-36untitled-182This little chap even decided to join me while photographing and, sitting only a foot away, kept me company for nearly 20 minutes!untitled-115Amongst all of the bigger birds and pebbles the little ones can quite often get missed, however I did capture this little wagtail bouncing amongst the pebbles!untitled-136And, as I say goodnight, I will leave you with this Tufted Duck in the setting sun. Thanks for reading. 🙂untitled-147