It’s Been Raining!

Please excuse the title of this post as I planned to post it a few weeks ago, and for the past few days we have experienced beautiful blue skies, so my wish has been granted. However, please find the original post below as things are still pretty soggy and boggy!!

Now, some of you may have noticed but over recent weeks it has been raining – quite a lot! I would not be able to call myself British if I did not mention the weather on at least one occasion and today is the day. The weather has been wet, windy and dull now for many days, the garden is a lake and everything is leaking, damp or soggy. I don’t mind a little of the wet stuff (we live in the South West after all) but a bit of the blue stuff would be nice even if it’s cold. So, having now exercised my right as an Englishman to embrace a #veryBrisitshproblem lets get back to a bit of photography. 🙂

As it has not been the kind of weather I wish to spend hours sat outside in, last weekend, myself and a few fellow photographers decided to head back to Exeter to take shelter in the city and find one or two dry spots. We mainly went to explore the amazing Exeter City Cathedral but we did get a chance to explore a little of Exeter in-between the storms. The Cathedral is a beautiful building just asking to be photographed, as you can see from this shot taken of the beautifully designed ceiling (more of which I will share later).

Exeter Cathedral CeilingExeter Cathedral

Before exploring the cathedral we were lucky to have a break in the weather and when the skies are dull it’s always a challenge finding things to photograph, but one thing Exeter does possess, is some great street art. It’s not to everyones taste but personally, when done well, it shows a real sense of creativity and artistry. Exeter has some amazing street art if you explore and here are some of my favourites we discovered on our walkabout today.

untitled-21 untitled-110 untitled-117 untitled-158 untitled-161-2

As we followed the river up from Miller’s Crossing, we ended up at the Quayside, and in my continued quest for colours on this rather gloomy day I found these scarfs and bicycles with an abundance of colour that just stood out. While exploring, I also spotted this delightful character enjoying a morning coffee… I am not usually one for photographing people out and about but I loved the colours of the building and the simple solitude and peaceful morning coffee he was enjoying reading the paper.

untitled-105 untitled-127 untitled-246untitled-142

After time on the quay we headed up to the cathedral and spent the afternoon exploring what this magnificent building had to offer. The architecture is simply beautiful and being present for Evensong just added to the atmosphere, and the sound carried beautifully throughout the church. Here is a collection of images taken on the afternoon and a huge thanks go out to all of the staff at Exeter Cathedral who made us feel very welcome – Than you. 🙂

Exeter Cathedral1 Exeter Cathedral2 untitled-47 untitled-52_228_152 untitled-114_232_205 untitled-220_144_71_1_174 untitled-225_198_60_37_125 untitled-240_8_180_111_44

Thanks for taking the time to read my post which is always appreciated. 🙂 Have a great week – and enjoy the sunshine.