Appledore & Instow Regatta

Every year along the Taw and Torridge estuary in North Devon we have the Appledore and Instow Regatta. This is a 19 day event packed full of events and boat races from rowing boats to gigs, gaffers and luggers as well as greasy poles, tug-of-war, the RNLI and so much more! I only made two of the days this year, firstly down at Instow on Sunday 9th of August, and then on Wednesday 12th for the Gaffers and Luggers sailing race. It’s a fantastic event and so much to see and do and get involved with.

As we arrived on Sunday morning, amongst the dog show and sandcastle competitions, the rowers were out on the water and below is a collection of pictures of the athletes in full action.Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow RegattaIn addition to the various watersports taking place there was also the dog show, although I think these two preferred to be in the water. 🙂Appledore & Instow Regatta Appledore & Instow RegattaI have to confess to knowing very little about sailing so I am not going to attempt to try and identify the various boats I was able to catch out on the water. For more information you may wish to visit the North Devon Yacht Club and the West of England Amateur Rowing Association‘s relevant websites, as well of course the Appledore and Instow site. There are quite a few images that follow so I hope you enjoy. 🙂 It was certainly very relaxed sitting on the coast and very quiet in comparison to my recent trip to Culdrose photographing jet aircraft!Appledore and Instow Regatta-46Instow Regatta-33 Instow Regatta-9-2 Appledore and Instow Regatta-16 Appledore and Instow Regatta-5Appledore & Instow RegattaInstow Regatta-179-2Instow Regatta-177-2 Instow Regatta-158 Instow Regatta-144 Instow Regatta-137 Instow Regatta-134-2 Instow Regatta-126 Instow Regatta-119 Instow Regatta-59 Instow Regatta-52 Instow Regatta-48 Instow Regatta-40 Instow Regatta-35-2 Appledore and Instow Regatta-57 Appledore and Instow Regatta-49 Appledore and Instow Regatta-46 Appledore and Instow Regatta-38 Appledore and Instow Regatta-26 Appledore and Instow Regatta-25 Appledore and Instow Regatta-20 Appledore and Instow Regatta-17 Appledore and Instow Regatta-13 Appledore and Instow Regatta-11 Appledore and Instow Regatta-9 Appledore and Instow Regatta-8 Appledore and Instow Regatta-4 Appledore and Instow Regatta-3 Appledore and Instow Regatta-1Thanks once again for taking the time to read through my posts, I hope you enjoy the variety and I look forward to sharing a further collection soon. Best wishes, Tim. 🙂